Thursday, April 15, 2010

New line arrives at Jane Piper Reid & Co.

We have just received a beautiful and luxurious faux fur throw from the Henry d'Elkin line of faux fur accessories. Please stop by the showroom to see the sumptuous throw and revel in the fantasy of your own Dr. Zhivago moment.

Another diversion for you to enjoy here in the showroom!

Monday, April 12, 2010

You can link to the Pierre Frey Blog Here To View the Spring 2010 Collections

The 2010 Collection suggests both traditional and modern with interesting textures, plains, elegance and practicality. We welcome back the wonderful theme prints and more organic cotton woven's. Tres' chic!

Fadini Borghi

Sophisticated elegance to the tenth degree with stunningly elaborate designs that simply amplify luxury. Deux tres' chic!


Youthful, bright and bold patterns that coordinate in happy harmony at prices we love. Tres' jolly!


Finally these crème de la crème 18th century designs become 21st century wall coverings that we will adore for centuries to come. Tres' Angelina Jolie!


Be the first to experience our newest and most innovative sales technique. All of our samples have been sprayed with a special fragrance "Eau de Spenda-Lot". Enjoy the results of this advanced selling tool found only at JPR&Co.

See you soon!
Jane and le Staff

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Soon to follow - random thoughts, observations in various degrees of mirth & relevance.