Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Thank you to our friend, John Stevens for the mention in his article in Seattle Magazine. Here's a link so that you may read the entire article.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Zeyno & Ghamarian Arrive

We are very excited in the showroom with the recent arrival of Zeyno & Ghamarian and their beautiful collection of Oriental rugs.
Especially striking are the Persian Gabbeh rugs. The rich, intense colors and thick, plush pile of these rugs are very sensual and evocative; especially as our gray winter lingers despite the furtive flowering plum and daffodils which are beginning to appear.
These rugs are traditionally woven by nomadic tribes of Southern Iran using locally sourced vegetable dyes and sheep wool.
The simple, graphic design of many of these rugs will translate in to almost any room where you desire beautiful color and elegance for your floors.
Remember that this is just a part of a whole new collection of Oriental rugs. We are showing small to room sized rugs which are antique to contemporary in design.
We are so fortunate that Zeyno has joined us in the showroom and added such a beautiful dimension.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

La Cite Interdite

In honor of International Women’s Day, our post is of a Chinese ancestral reproduction that installs the matriarchs in the forefront.
The fabric on this antique chair is from a Pierre Frey collection from a few seasons past. It has been one of our favorites for the really exceptional design and production of this 100% linen fabric, designed in Paris and produced in Italy.
We hadn’t had much “action” on this fabric, “La Cite Interdite” Pierre Frey #F2721 until our associate, Kelly Gray had this chair upholstered for the showroom floor display.
The reaction has been remarkable. The orders have begun to flow in and we’re so grateful to see people respond to the product.

Friday, January 28, 2011

We always expect winter to be cold, grey and a bit dull, but when you are suddenly invited to Mexico for the time between Christmas and New Years your world turns around completely! There was little hesitation to "yes" and taking the last possible seat bound for Cabo we didn't even wonder what necessities we might have left behind.
The first few days were spent on board a lovely vessel with friends that all converged the day after Christmas. It's easy to travel with favorite people and the voyage that took us to our little beach in Paradise.
The air was warm, but not too warm, the sky was blue, but not too blue and the pool was cool and simply refreshing. We were now living in full Technicolor with Dobie surround sound smiling and laughing constantly. The birds, surf, live music and lack of mechanical sounds all were lovely. The fragrance of real evergreen Christmas trees , salt air and delicious kitchen smells were a daily joy.
Each day was so pleasant, we simply did not want our vacation to end. It was easy to forget the poor economy and the world suffering, but this was about to change. Our host arranged for us all to meet a young couple that has begun to build homes and schools for the "indigenous" people of Mexico. These are the migrants that work the fields and have been completely forsaken by the Mexican government. They have nothing! They have no shelter, food, water, clothing, medical attention and no education. As we visited the fields where they work, the horrid camps where they live and then finally the school and homes that have just been built by private funding, we were struck once more by how fortunate we are in contrast. The sad faces of the children in the fields were replaced by happy and clean faces at the school. We have since been able to help in some small ways and this worthy project will go on and on and gain speed with time.
Each time I go anywhere in the world I am humbled and thrilled at the same time. For me, the world is getting larger rather than smaller and the more I learn, the more I realize how little I know. Meanwhile, I am back in the cool grey and quite content. If and when I ever go again, it will be time for a change of scenery and I will surely love it!
Happy New Year and Happy Trails!