Tuesday, May 4, 2010

While enjoying the last day in Ireland I am reviewing the things I have done and seen as it relates to our business. Always looking for inspiration or new ideas, but in this case finding little. Design is not high on the list for the Irish, but their charm and happiness makes up for it all. While having a latte in the hotel lobby this morning I looked around at this charming old room and found charm...only. The carpet was rosy beige with a dusty rose design, the sofa's a mustard cord, the too low chairs were brown leather, the walls an odd beige and the art was contemporary with watery turquoise flowers on white. None of it made sense, but it was friendly and busy. I have spotted one very nice remodel while walking in the neighborhood and in contrast to everything else, it is a real standout. The public gardens have been tended and the tulips are in bloom everywhere. The Irish do a very good job of living in a poor economy. We can learn from them and remain ever optimistic. Tomorrow I will be going to France and I can't wait to see the saturated beauty of Paris. I have loved my time in Ireland with my family and my fabulous grand babies, but always love to finish my time in Europe with Paris. I feel so lucky to have this wonderful opportunity and I will try to learn something each day never take for granted how delicious life can be.Best to all,Jane

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